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The copyrights to all the programmes for processors and the related documentation, of the source codes and data banks with their related documentation present on the website and of all other materials contained on this site belong to Babynow S.L.

Babynow S.L. authorises the documents available on this website to be viewed, reproduced through copies or downloaded and printed solely for personal use and respecting the following conditions:

The documents must exclusively be for personal use and not for commercial or informative use. Under no circumstances may the documents be divulged or distributed.

The documents may not be modified.

Any information on copyright and brands, as well as information on ownership of Babynow S.L. documents available on this site may not be removed.

This authorisation does not include any documents and/or materials owned by other content-providers that might be present on this site.

Reproduction, copying or redistribution of the materials or design elements on this webpage for commercial purposes is categorically prohibited except with prior written authorisation from Babynow S.L.

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